A logic analyzer in Pickit2

I was debugging IR protocol RC5 and was regretting again and again that I still don’t have a scope at home or at least some small handy logic analyzer. All of a sudden I found the interesting item in the tool menu of Pickit2 software:

I completely forgot that the tool has a couple of useful items – uart, the logic analyzer, some kind of the debugger tool.

So, go to Tools>Logic Tool…

You will get something like this:

Not exactly what we need, put the mode to Analyzer:

Not much to say, a lot of hints which makes usage of the tool really obvious. For this experiment, I had connected the pin of TSOP receiver to CH1 and put the trigger at the falling edge.

Transferring “1”:

Everything looks right, in 6 last bits, the lsb is 1, and the timeline is about 22 ms.

To double check – transferring “8” as well.

Alright, all works, now I can proceed to further study of IR protocol.

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