A TDA7294 audio amplifier with the PIC16F877a brain (abandoned, not finished)

The project which unfortunately was not finished due to my relocation to other country and taking such a project with me certainly would raise some question at the security control 🙂

the main pcb

This page just will gather a summary of all performed job up to time to provide some idea how big and painful it was.

  1. A TDA7294 amplifier
TDA7294 amplifier

2. An audio-processor TDA8425

an audioprocessor TDA8425

3. The voltage supply 12V, 5V

the supply for digital circuits

4. LCD display

LCD display testing

5. An encoder

an encoder

6. Menu structure to be controlled with the encoder and the remote control

a menu for the amplifier

7. The remote control for the audio-amplifier

8. The enclosure for the amplifier

the stashed enclosures

9. Low VDD detector

low vdd detector pcb

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