USB to RS-232 – FT232RL

There are tons of articles out there, but I decided to make my own device at the moment:

I had thoughts to make such a device long ago, but at this point of time, the necessity of having this stuff increased significantly. Initially, I found a cheap CP2102 IC, it was cheaper than the huge FT232RL, which has a lot of redundant for me functions. Then I went shopping (here I’m talking about Belarus like 8 years ago) and realized that for us CP2102 is more expensive than FT232RL. Well, my choice was kind of obvious.

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Pic Lab, PIC16, Experiment #19, The WIN QT application for COM port

In a previous experiment, I made an application (well borrowed) with help of C++ Builder, but I really did not enjoy/like it much. So, I was exploring the web again and found an article.  It was much more logical and simple to me, so I decided to give it a shot.

Firstly, we need the Qt SDK. Then we should take sources from here: files qwineventnotifier_p.h and qwineventnotifier_p.cpp and place them QtSDKDesktopQt4.7.4mingwincludeQtCoreprivate

Also, download the library dedicated to working with a COM port. Good enough, now we are prepared.

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