Pic Lab, PIC16, Experiment #9, The timer2 module

The goal: the same as previous, to get the 1KHz pulse.

What do we have: PIC16f628a, the simple devboard + proteus.

For this particular uC the timer2 module is another 8bits timer, which has some peculiarities.

timer2, a picture borrowed from the mikroe resourse
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Pic Lab, PIC16, Experiment #5: interruptions

Interruptions are one of the great things about microcontrollers, if you want to do something fast, reliable, and simple… well, not exactly simple in a programming language sense perhaps, but really simpler from the hardware perspective point of view. So, the main purpose of interruption is to interrupt your main program cycle and do whatever you want in case of that event (a timer has reached the settled time, a button has been pressed, and so on). Here is the picture from the mikroe ebook (www.mikroe.com), just because they really made quite nice pictures and quite a nice manual by the way.

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Pic Lab, PIC16, Experiment #4: 7 segment display

It was 2012 year, I was just starting to learn how to work with the PIC microcontrollers, so the code is far away from optimal.

uC: PIC16F628a

Compiler: Hi-TECH PICC

Goal: To connect 7 segment indicator and display numbers from 0 to 9

7 segment indicator connection
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