Hi there,

This is my English version of the my originally Russian language blog. At some point of time I just decided that it can be beneficial for me (at least from language learning perspective) to translate existing posts and write new in both languages I speak/learn.

Some information about my interests:

  • Analog/RF IC design – I have already 10+ years of experience in the IC design area. I used to work as a layout designer during my university graduation, and after that, I switched to schematic design for analog/RF circuits. At the current moment I have worked in nodes from 180nm down to 7nm FinFET, BiCMOS used as well. OK, I think I wrote enough already about that, moving on.
  • PIC microcontrollers –  at some point, I started to learn how to use/program Microchip microcontrollers and build cool stuff with that, I even created my own small lab with all experiments I did with these uCs. I mainly used Hi-TECH PICC compiler for PIC16, but when I started to learn PIC18 I have switched to free XC8 compiler from Microchip.

All others topics will be related to the first or second interests, probably, there will be some pieces of the information about verilog-AMS blocks, about PCB design in Eagle, maybe some GUI software created by me and so on.

All my projects I usually also post at my git repo.

Contact information:

email: sargein@gmail.com  (Sergey)