Verilog-A: A comparator

Creating of a comparator model is described below.

a comparator model testing testbench

What we need from a comparator usually?

  • The high level value
  • Slew Rate
  • Hysteresis
// VerilogA for TBSarge, Comparator, veriloga
`include "constants.vams"
`include "disciplines.vams"
module Comparator(InP, InN, Out, gnd);
input InP, InN;
output Out;
inout gnd;
electrical InP, InN, gnd;
electrical Out;
parameter real Vdd = 3.3;
parameter real Hist = 0.05;
parameter real Front = 1;
integer comptrig;
analog begin
@(cross(V(InP)-V(InN), +1))
 comptrig = 1;
@(cross(V(InP)-V(InN)-Hist, -1))
 comptrig = 0;
V(Out,gnd) <+ transition(comptrig ? Vdd:0, 0, Front);

The Slew Rate is defined by rise/fall time, for instance Vdd = 3.3V, edge is 600ns, hysteresis is 500mV.

And the other side:

The hysteresis is here!

The block code is in the bitbucket repo.

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