A logic analyzer in Pickit2

I was debugging IR protocol RC5 and was regretting again and again that I still don’t have a scope at home or at least some small handy logic analyzer. All of a sudden I found the interesting item in the tool menu of Pickit2 software:

I completely forgot that the tool has a couple of useful items – uart, the logic analyzer, some kind of the debugger tool.

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Running the local wordpress on the docker

The post-instruction me not forget the pain and the flow I used for it.

So I’ve heard recently about the docker and I really liked the idea to have a self-container with basically anything you want to run and test. Why I was thinking about it? Because I always was afraid of what will happen if my provider will kick me off the hosting and will I be able to move my backups to a new server with minimum effort and pain.

A long time ago, I tried to create a local server with a lot of crap settled on my pc. It worked out, but I really did not like the way how I was doing this. The idea to have it in a single self-contained place where I can (theoretically) easily move it to another server with docker running without any struggle seems way more attractive.

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The hierarchical model of the encoder in Proteus

Sometimes the cleanest way to design a nice readable schematic in Proteus is to create a separate model with its own graphical symbol with pins attached to this model, not the fastest way but a kind of proper approach within a normal working process.

I was interested in the encoder as you may know, which is not available in the standard proteus component library, starting from a simple drawing of the symbol I would like to use at higher levels:

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